Carry a Fire Extinguisher on Board for Safety

Since boats travel on the water, some people make the mistake of thinking that there is little to fear from fire. They figure if there is a fire on board a ship, there will be plenty of water around to extinguish it.

A boat needs to be equipped with a fire extinguisher because some fires cannot be put out with water alone. Plus, contaminants in some bodies of water could make a fire worse. And you may not be able to quickly access surrounding water in the case of an emergency.

While you should definitely carry at least one fire distinguisher on board your boat, you also want to check the Coast Guard rules. Depending on the type of boat, you may need to have more than one. You also want to make sure you have the right kind of fire extinguisher. Make certain that the mounts for your fire extinguisher(s) are attached securely before you start out.

When you have people on your boat, whether it is friends and family who boat often or those who have little nautical experience, take a moment to point out the location of the fire extinguisher(s). Everyone on board needs to know where the fire extinguisher is located.

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