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Getting the Most Our of Your Online Boat Ad

Private boat owners and boat dealers can vastly increase their potential buyer pool and extend their market reach nationwide by selling their boat online. Placing your boat ad on a popular online classified ad site like ensures that thousands of motivated boat buyers will see your boat ad every day.

Boatline allows private sellers and dealers to run their online boat ads FREE for the first 4 weeks. Sellers get the same superior services they have to pay for on other online ad sites absolutely free for the first 4 weeks when they place their classified boat ad on Boatline, including:

  • Unlimited description space and 12 color photos.
  • A secure email seller link to protect your personal information and ensure secure communication with potential buyers.
  • Buyer-friendly features like printer-friendly ads, email to a friend, auto-notify, ad comparison and save favorites.
  •  Unlimited free ad updates, Ad Views tracking and free telephone and email support from Boatline’s experienced staff.

Boat sellers who want to maximize the impact of their online ad will want to take advantage of Boatline’s low-cost, ad-enhancement features:

  • Make sure your ad attracts viewers first by adding black or red bold type.
  • Give your ad maximum exposure by upgrading its placement to featured home page or state search results.
  • Add 12 additional photos to your ad to entice potential buyers.

Boat Dealers Get Noticed with Boatline Banner Ads

Boat dealerships can ramp up their Internet presence, gain national exposure for their brand and increase customer traffic to their website with Boatline banner ads. Hundreds of thousands of motivated boat buyers visit to check out our classified ad listings. Banner ads are the first thing potential customers notice when they click onto the Boatline website. Savvy boat dealers know that banner advertising is the fastest way to draw attention to their brand and maximize exposure with their target audience — potential boat buyers.

Boatline’s experienced advertising staff can help you craft a banner ad that is certain to drive increased traffic to your dealership website. Our affordable banner ad packages can be customized to fit any marketing budget. If your boat dealership is already taking advantage of Boatline’s generous unlimited free dealership listings, adding a banner ad to your online marketing package will maximize your web exposure and give your boat dealership a significant competitive edge over the competition.

Boatline banner ads are just one element of our comprehensive boat dealership program. A leader in online classified advertising for more than a decade, offer unlimited descriptive text and 12 full color photos on each classified ad. Dealership classified ads are easy to set up and can be easily modified online at no additional cost. Boatline also provides boat dealers with valuable traffic statistics on each listing. If you’re ready to ramp up your online sales, contact Boatline’s skilled marketing team today.

Online Listings Help Boat Dealers Clear Inventory Quickly

Want to boost dealership sales and reduce inventory quickly before winter? List your boat inventory on For a limited time, it’s absolutely FREE! is a premier online classified ad site for boat dealers and boating enthusiasts that offers sale listings for thousands of new and used boats and personal watercraft of every conceivable make and model. Listing your dealership inventory on gives you immediate access to hundreds of thousands of motivated boat buyers nationwide.

By linking online boat ads to your dealership website, boat dealers can use Boatline to drive more traffic to their own website. Boatline is constantly working to increase online traffic to benefit our online advertisers. We maintain an interesting, regularly-updated blog and provide a presence on Facebook and Twitter, all of which help to attract potential buyers to your classified boat ads.

It’s easy to upload your inventory onto Boatline lets you include full color photos and unlimited text description in each ad. Dealers can modify their listings at any time from their office computer at no additional cost. Boatline also offers a number of sales features targeted specifically to boat dealerships, including multiple listing accounts with automatic data feeds. Dealerships also receive regular traffic stats on each boat listing, enabling better inventory management.

But the best thing about advertising your boat inventory on is that for a limited time, boat listings are FREE for dealers, brokers and sales people. That’s a bargain you can’t pass up!

Buying Boat Online More Affordable Than You Think

Discover Boating says it best:

Myth: The best two days of your life are the day you buy a boat and the day you sell it.
Fact: The best two days of your life come every weekend when you take your boat out with family and friends!

Many people would love to buy a boat but don’t think they can afford it. Buying and owning a boat are much less expensive than you might think. Just like you finance a car, you can finance a boat purchase, in many cases for less than $250 a month. The average retail price of a typical outboard power boat was less than $20,000 in 2008. For $8,000 more you could buy a complete boat-engine-trailer package. If anything, the recession has driven boat prices down.

Boat buyers can find some real deals when they buy their boat online. Boat dealers who post new and used inventory to online classified ad sites frequently offer discounted prices to online buyers. Often the lowest prices are offered by individual boat owners who advertise their boats for sale online, hoping for a quick sale. Boat owners taking the self-sell route are more willing to deal and negotiate an affordable price with boat buyers.

But a boat today and the best two days of your life could start this weekend!

Advertising on Boatline Helps Boat Dealers Clear Inventory

With year-end model sales started to get underway, boat dealers trying to clear stock have found an ally in A leader in online classified boat ads, Boatline is now offering dealers, brokers and sales people unlimited FREE ad listings on our popular website. This is a deal too good to pass up!

Hundreds of thousands of motivated boat buyers visit every month. Posting your boat inventory on Boatline allows boat dealers, brokers and sales people to tap into that lucrative nationwide buyers’ pool without spending a dime. Posting your inventory on Boatline instantly extends your marketing reach beyond local markets to a nationwide audience, maximizing your sales potential and helping you clear stock more quickly.

Boatline makes it quick and easy for boat dealers to post their stock online. Each online boat ad includes full color photos and unlimited space for a detailed text description. Online classified ad listings can be set up and modified quickly at no additional cost. Boatline even provides valuable traffic stats on your listings to help you manage your inventory more effectively. Multiple listing accounts with auto data feeds and other useful features are also available to boat dealers, brokers and sales personnel.

To find our how you can take your boat sales to a higher level, call the friendly staff today at 1-800-282-2183 or use our online contact form.

Boat Dealers Increase Sales with FREE Boatline Ads

Boat dealers can dramatically increase sales by listing their boat inventories for sale on Boatline. now offers FREE unlimited classified boat ad listings to boat dealers, boat brokers and boating sales people. Boatline’s online classified boat ads give boat dealerships and sales personnel a premium opportunity to expand their brand visibility nationwide and capitalize on sales potential both locally and across the country.

Thousands of motivated boat buyers flock to Boatline’s website every day in search of all types of new and used boats and personal watercraft. Boatline’s boat dealer program allows dealers to tap into this lucrative customer resource.

Here’s what Boatline’s Dealer Program offers boat dealers, brokers and sales people:

  • Free unlimited listings
  • Unlimited space for detailed text descriptions to describe the unique features of each boat
  • Ability to include up to 12 full color photos of each boat at no charge
  • Listings are easy to set-up and modify from your computer
  • Traffic statistics provided on each listing
  • Superior customer service from our well-trained, experienced advertising team

Boatline also offers multiple listing accounts and can provide automatic data feeds and other useful services for high volume dealers. Contact our experienced Dealer Program sales support team at 1-800-282-2183 or use the online contact form on our website.