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Focus on Basics When Writing Online Boat Ads

When writing an ad so that you can sell your boat online, keep in mind that your ad is one of many that potential buyers will peruse. It is tempting to try to impress these buyers you can’t see with lots of adjectives and descriptive words but those things may be a distraction. Even if they are excited by a glowing description, buyers will still be looking to see if your boat is the kind of boat they are looking to buy.

Start with the basics because buyers are looking for a boat, not a commercial. Make sure to tell them the make and model and note some of the more useful features. This does not mean that your ad should not have any descriptions, just remember that words like “reliable” carry more weight than “fun.” People who are looking for previously-owned boats want to be assured that they are getting a vessel that they can use for a long time.

Also, you do not have to be afraid to mention recent repairs out of fear that a buyer needs to know what they are getting. Knowing that you have recently replaced something does not mean a buyer will be turned off; instead a buyer may be glad to know that they will not have to take on certain repairs soon after buying your boat.


Declutter Before Placing a Classified Boat Ad Online

When you make the decision to sell your boat online, you need to spend some time getting your boat into great shape. While you may not live in your boat (unless it’s a houseboat), you probably do not realize the amount of clutter you have on your boat. You will want to remove everything that is not a part of the sale. Then you can give your boat a very thorough cleaning.

You will want to go through the decluttering and cleaning process before you take a picture of your boat to go with an online classified ad. If you have a great picture of your boat that you already like, you can use this. However, you want to make sure the boat is really clean in this picture. You also want to be sure that there is not thing in the picture that is not for sale because you do not want to confuse a potential buyer in any way. allows you to submit a classified boat at online or by mail. We also offer toll free help via telephone Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 5:00 pm (PST). You can choose a very simple ad or ad more photos and opt for your ad to appear bold or in red so it will stand out more.


Finalizing the Sale of Your Boat

We have discussed tips for taking photos for online boat ads as well as tips for writing an online boat ad, so now it is time to think about what happens when your ad is successful.

You do not have to sell your boat to the first person who says they are interested. In fact, depending on your motivation for selling, you may end up communicating with several potential buyers.

Some people are interested in a quick sale because they need to money or leaving the area or for some other reason. Others are really into boating and want to make sure that the boat they are selling will be taken care of and go to someone who also loves boating.

Either way, there are some steps to take before you finalize the sale:

-Make sure you inspect the boat with the buyer. Write down clear descriptions of any damages. (You can also take pictures with a camera that includes dates on images.)
-Go over the list with the buyer and ask the buyer to sign and date the list.
-Write out a receipt and make sure that you keep a copy of the receipt.

Having a signed record of any damage will protect you in the event that the buyer changes their mind and wants to contest the validity of the sale.

Tips for Writing an Online Boat Ad

Now that we have given you tips for taking photos for online boat ads, you will want to write convincing ad copy to go along with your great photos.

To sell your boat online, you will first need to fill out the information on your boat’s specs as completely as possible. After the photo, this is next place a potential buyer will look. If they cannot find the information they need, they may not read your written description below. And of course, some buyers will only look at the specs before to decide if they want to consider buying your boat or not. A quick perusal of specs tells a buyer if your boat has the year, make, model, length, seating capacity and engine type they want.

When you write your description, you will want to begin with your boat’s most important features first. Write in sentences or use a list format After that, highlight what is really great about the boat. You do not have to completely omit the boat’s flaws; you can mention them, but do not emphasize flaws or discuss them in the first phrases/sentences of your description. (You can view a sample ad on our website.)

While you can write your description on the website, it may be better if you write it offline and ask someone else to read it before you post it. Stick with standard grammar and punctuation, write it a straightforward style and get ready to sell your boat!

Tips for Taking Photos for Online Boat Ads

When you take out an ad to sell your boat online, you want to do all you can to entice potential buyers. The most attractive ads for boats include pictures.

Spend a little time looking at online boat ads to see which ones you find the most appealing and try to use the same ideas when taking photos of your boat.

Take a good number of photos so you will have a wide selection to choose from. Take multiple pictures from different angles.

Try to take a close-up shot that gives a complete view of the hull. Remember that you want people to see the boat and not the scenery.

If possible, photograph your boat on a sunny day. Aim to take pictures early in the morning of late in the afternoon.

Try to take at least a few pictures of the boat while it is moving. This will help a buyer imagine what it will be like to be on the water in your boat.

If for some reason, you cannot take pictures yourself, try to find other photos of a model from the same year. A dealer may have pictures of the same boat in similar condition. Be sure to get permission to use someone else’s photos and indicate in the ad that the boat shown is one that is similar to yours.

Getting the Most Our of Your Online Boat Ad

Private boat owners and boat dealers can vastly increase their potential buyer pool and extend their market reach nationwide by selling their boat online. Placing your boat ad on a popular online classified ad site like ensures that thousands of motivated boat buyers will see your boat ad every day.

Boatline allows private sellers and dealers to run their online boat ads FREE for the first 4 weeks. Sellers get the same superior services they have to pay for on other online ad sites absolutely free for the first 4 weeks when they place their classified boat ad on Boatline, including:

  • Unlimited description space and 12 color photos.
  • A secure email seller link to protect your personal information and ensure secure communication with potential buyers.
  • Buyer-friendly features like printer-friendly ads, email to a friend, auto-notify, ad comparison and save favorites.
  •  Unlimited free ad updates, Ad Views tracking and free telephone and email support from Boatline’s experienced staff.

Boat sellers who want to maximize the impact of their online ad will want to take advantage of Boatline’s low-cost, ad-enhancement features:

  • Make sure your ad attracts viewers first by adding black or red bold type.
  • Give your ad maximum exposure by upgrading its placement to featured home page or state search results.
  • Add 12 additional photos to your ad to entice potential buyers.

Special Online Features Lure Boat Buyers

The boating season may be wrapping up in northern climes, but boating is a year-round sport in sunny southern waters. Sun lovers can find some great boat bargains at online classified ad sites like Northerners who are preparing to upgrade their craft next spring or who would rather sell their boat than pay winter storage fees are already listing their boats for sale on Boatline.

Boatline’s generous free ad policy — on Boatline your classified boat ad runs free for the first 4 weeks — is attracting many private boat sellers and boat dealers willing to offer generous discounts to generate fast sales. For boat buyers, this means more boats to choose from and greater bargains. Smart boat shoppers use Boatline’s helpful search features to save and track their favorite online ads. Our handy Auto-Notify feature ensures that you’ll be notified the instant a new ad posts that meets their search criteria.

A national leader in online classified advertising, Boatline makes it easy to buy or sell your boat online. Both boat buyers and sellers will find plenty of helpful tips and valuable links on our website. Boatline’s listings cover the full range of recreational boats, including power boats. sailboats, fishing boats, personal watercraft, dinghies, pontoon boats, houseboats and much more. If it floats, you’ll probably find it for sale on!

Buying Boat Online More Affordable Than You Think

Discover Boating says it best:

Myth: The best two days of your life are the day you buy a boat and the day you sell it.
Fact: The best two days of your life come every weekend when you take your boat out with family and friends!

Many people would love to buy a boat but don’t think they can afford it. Buying and owning a boat are much less expensive than you might think. Just like you finance a car, you can finance a boat purchase, in many cases for less than $250 a month. The average retail price of a typical outboard power boat was less than $20,000 in 2008. For $8,000 more you could buy a complete boat-engine-trailer package. If anything, the recession has driven boat prices down.

Boat buyers can find some real deals when they buy their boat online. Boat dealers who post new and used inventory to online classified ad sites frequently offer discounted prices to online buyers. Often the lowest prices are offered by individual boat owners who advertise their boats for sale online, hoping for a quick sale. Boat owners taking the self-sell route are more willing to deal and negotiate an affordable price with boat buyers.

But a boat today and the best two days of your life could start this weekend!

Why It Makes Sense to Sell Your Boat Online

When most folks decide to sell their boat, they stick their boat in the driveway and prop a sign on the bow. Maybe they post a small classified ad in the local paper (usually for an exorbitant price!) or stick a note on the marina or boat club bulletin board. Savvy boat seller might even put a listing on Craigslist. What boat owners don’t realize is that by keeping their advertising local, they automatically limit their buying audience and sales potential.

Listing your boat for sale on an online classified ad is the smart choice for two very important reasons:

  1. Online classified ads increase your buying audience exponentially, providing more opportunities to sell your boat. When you list your boat for sale on an online classified ad website like, your ad is seen by motivated boat buyers from across the country, greatly increasing your opportunity to make a quick sale.
  2. Few people subscribe to newspapers these days; they get their news and information online. A survey by J.D. Powers found that the majority of people shopping for a new or used vehicle do their research and start their shopping online. This is as true of boat buyers as it is of people shopping for an automobile. You want to put your boat ad where potential buyers spend the most time — online!

Good-looking Gelcoat Will Help Sell Your Boat Online

That gleaming, high-gloss gelcoat is what makes your power boat look sharp on the water — and in your online classified boat ad when you’re ready to sell your boat online. But that glossy outer skin isn’t just cosmetic vanity; it also protects the body of your boat from harmful oxidation. A boat with a good-looking gelcoat will sell faster and for a better price than a boat with a gelcoat that has turned dull and chalky. A poorly maintained gelcoat makes your boat look sad and seedy and definitely older than its years.

Even if you don’t plan to sell your boat online this winter, keeping its gelcoat in good repair will protect your boat from damaging oxidation, ensuring you many more years of boating pleasure. Follow these steps to maintain your boat’s gelcoat:

  1. If the gelcoat shows only minor signs of oxidation — a few dull or cloudy patches — apply an oxidation-removing compound to restore shine.
  2. If the gelcoat is dull, pitted and largely non-reflective, oxidation is moderate. Using a mechanical buffer, apply fine-grain polishing compound to smooth out pits.
  3. If the gelcoat is heavily oxidized, the surface of your boat will be completely non-reflective and may feel chalky. Restoring a gelcoat this damaged is a major undertaking that will require considerable sanding and polishing. Unless boat restoration is your hobby, consider taking your boat to a professional.
  4. Failure to maintain the gelcoat will eventually forced you to repaint your boat.