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Possible Tax Deductions When You Buy a Houseboat

Do you dream of living on the sea? The IRS may be able to help you make that dream a reality.

“If you navigate several Internal Revenue Code Sections successfully, you can deduct interest on a boat loan as second-home mortgage interest.” (Can you ride a rising tide of deductions?)

With all of the housing market woes, there are still some ways that homeowners can get a break. However, make sure that you read the stipulations carefully and follow them to the letter.

Getting a mortgage interest deduction when you buy a houseboat is only an option for people who itemize their deductions. And any boat that you want to use to qualify as a second home must have features that are standard for living quarters (berth, bathroom and galley). Even if you claim you do not need all of this to live, the government will likely not accept your claim to a mortgage interest deduction if your home at sea does not have these things.

Also remember that boats do not tend to appreciate in values as a home on land can. So while you do not have to pay property taxes on a houseboat, you also are not able to deduct that expense as you can for a house on land.

Boats have long been used as instruments of both transport and commerce. More often than not these functions have been combined.  Many people bought passage aboard ships that were also being used to send good from one place to another.

Royals Launch a Boat

When boats were the primary instruments of travel and commerce over great distances, the launching of a boat was a very important occasion. Dignitaries and common folk would be on hand to celebrate and to give their best wishes to the new vessel. People really counted on boats to bring supplies, defend a country’s military interests,  and to bring news from afar.

Those who follow British royalty and take great interest in the country’s princess-in-waiting were paying attention when Prince William and Kate Middleton were on hand to launch and dedicate a lifeboat in Wales.

This was the couple’s first appearance after announcing their engagement. Middleton was the guest of honor and she was the one who poured champagne over the lifeboat.

When you buy a boat, will you celebrate? You may not want to actually pour champagne on your new boat, but you should do something special to commemorate the occasion.

Building a boat was once a grand undertaking; now you can search online to find the boat that you want.  We specialize in boat classified ads, and it has made us a leader in the field. With new listings being added to our site every day, you will want to check back often.

Life on a Houseboat Can be Grand

The New York Times profiled a Swiss textile designer who after seeing people living in houseboats in the Nile River in Egypt in the 1970s, decided this was the way he wanted to live. At that time, he rented a houseboat. Although he enjoyed it, he later moved to accommodations on the soil and raised a family. Nowadays the children are grown and this designer is back in a floating home, albeit a stationary one because the houseboat he bought does not have an engine.

Being a designer, he knew how to make the most of the space and spent half a year refurbishing his houseboat. Some of his improvements included making it possible to install air-conditioning on part of the boat and making the small kitchen functional.

He summed up his houseboat lifestyle in a rather philosophical way: “Living on the water reminds you that, like the river, our lives are always moving.

You don’t need to live on the Nile to have a floating home. If you’ve thought about living on the water, you can buy a houseboat. And it is likely that one you buy will have an engine, so you can travel with all the comforts of home.

Boat Ownership Requires Time and Money

The old saying is that ‘time is money’ but when it comes to boat ownership, the two are not the same. When you are thinking that you want to buy a boat, you need to examine how much you have of both and factor that into your decision. Boat ownership requires a commitment of both time and money.

Once you know that you have the necessary funds to buy a boat, you then have to think over whether you have the time to be a boat owner. You have to be able to commit time to not only boat maintenance, but also to using your boat. That’s right–you have to make time for fun in your boat because you don’t want to let it sit unused.

If you are the type of person who has access to water, who enjoys spending time on the water and is knowledgeable about boating, you may be ready to take on boat ownership. You can even buy a boat online.

If, however, you already bought a boat and realize that you are not a true boating enthusiast, you can sell your boat online to someone else who is ready to take the plunge.

Buy a Boat, the Ultimate Holiday Gift

The holidays are coming. Wonder if those big red bows come in boat size? A boat is the ultimate holiday gift and surprisingly affordable when you buy your boat online at Shopping for a boat, whether it’s a luxury yacht or tricked-out fishing boat, is easy too when you shop on While your other half fights the crowds at the mall, you can putter around the Boatline website for happy hours checking out the features of various boats until you find the boat you’ve always dreamed of owning.

Who needs another tie or box of golf balls? Tell your honey you want the ultimate man cave! Where else but on a boat can you and your buds really get away from it all and leave your troubles behind for a few hours? And don’t be shy about buying a boat for yourself. A recent survey by the National Retail Federation found that 25% of Americans plan to buy gifts for themselves this holiday season. After all, it’s the only way to get when you really want.  

Granted, buying a boat will take a bigger bite out of your budget than a new power drill, but boat ownership has advantages for the whole family. Boating is a great way to pry the kids away from the X-box and create some family memories. It’s healthy outdoor fun that brings families together. And if your honey still needs convincing, mention how romantic it will be to cruise into the sunset while sipping champagne!

Special Online Features Lure Boat Buyers

The boating season may be wrapping up in northern climes, but boating is a year-round sport in sunny southern waters. Sun lovers can find some great boat bargains at online classified ad sites like Northerners who are preparing to upgrade their craft next spring or who would rather sell their boat than pay winter storage fees are already listing their boats for sale on Boatline.

Boatline’s generous free ad policy — on Boatline your classified boat ad runs free for the first 4 weeks — is attracting many private boat sellers and boat dealers willing to offer generous discounts to generate fast sales. For boat buyers, this means more boats to choose from and greater bargains. Smart boat shoppers use Boatline’s helpful search features to save and track their favorite online ads. Our handy Auto-Notify feature ensures that you’ll be notified the instant a new ad posts that meets their search criteria.

A national leader in online classified advertising, Boatline makes it easy to buy or sell your boat online. Both boat buyers and sellers will find plenty of helpful tips and valuable links on our website. Boatline’s listings cover the full range of recreational boats, including power boats. sailboats, fishing boats, personal watercraft, dinghies, pontoon boats, houseboats and much more. If it floats, you’ll probably find it for sale on!

Luxury Unfolds on ‘Origami Yacht’

Combining the ancient art of Japanese paper folding with design elements from cutting-edge stealth aircraft, an Italian ship designer as created an ingenious super yacht that folds open for luxury, closed for speed. Dubbed the “Origami Yacht,” it’s the brainchild of Millennium Yacht Design Award winner Fabio Federici. (Click the link to see this intriguing concept yacht.) If built, the yacht — still in the design phase — would cost more than $7.6 million.

Inspired by the rigid shape of military stealth aircraft, Federici has created a futuristic ship design worthy of a James Bond vehicle. When closed, the yacht is sleek and compact, sitting low on the water. An upward-slanting pointed bow and flying airfoil make the yacht extremely aerodynamic, allowing the yacht to reach “optimal speeds” on long-distance cruises, although determination of its actual speed range will have to await the building of a prototype.

When anchored, the boat unfolds into multiple decks with side-mounted “wings” extending to create additional living space. Four below-deck cabins are connected to a shaded roof-top sun deck by a spiral staircase. The three lounge decks rotate 360 degrees, providing continually changing views of the sea and harbor.  

Who knows whether the “origami yacht” is the wave of the future? As with all vehicles, designers are constantly striving for bigger, better and faster. You won’t find the “origami yacht” listed on this year, but boat buyers will find plenty of new and used boats for sale in every popular make and model.

Tax Info You Need to Know before Buying Boat

Fall classified boat ad listings are starting to pour in on, attracting boat buyers eager to spend next year on the water. Whether you’re buying your first boat or trading up to a bigger, more luxurious model, don’t forget about taxes and registration fees when calculating the total cost of your boat purchase. Sales taxes, use taxes, registration fees and tax credits for boats purchased in another state vary from state to state. Many states also require that boats be registered within a set number of days after the sale. Miss the deadline and you might have to pay an additional fee.

National boat owners’ association Boat U.S. has created a handy state-by-state guide to state boating tax and registration requirements. With a couple clicks of your mouse, you can quickly access boat tax and registration information for any state with helpful links to the proper websites. Individual state sites also provide the following useful information:

  • Rate of state sales and use taxes
  • Registration grace period
  • Whether you can claim a state income tax credit for tax paid to another state if you purchase an out-of-state boat
  • Whether a state decal is required
  • Whether boat titles are issued
  • Any special requirements unique to that particular state such as sales tax caps and county or municipal registration requirements

Tips for Buying a Boat Online

If you’re in the market for a boat, chances are you’ve already started looking online. According to J.D. Powers & Associates, 80% of buyers research vehicle information and pricing online before making a purchase. Thousands of motivated boat buyers visit every month. They come not only to research boats and compare prices but to buy.  On boat buyers know they’ll find thousands of well-organized classified boat ads gathered on one convenient site. Boatline provides buyers with a far a greater selection of boat types, makes and models at a much more attractive price spread than can be found at local marinas.

So how do you buy a boat online? Follow these boat buying tips:

  1. First, decide on the type of watercraft you want to buy: power boat, sailboat, fishing boat, pontoon boat, personal watercraft, etc. 
  2. Browse the new and used classified boat ad listings on Boatline. Make a list of the features you’re looking for.
  3. Use Boatline’s Advanced Search feature to narrow your search. Boatline allows you to search by make, model, price, year, length, location and more. You can save your search results and favorite ads for easy comparison. If you’re looking for a particular make or model, use Boatline’s handy Auto Notify. You’ll receive an email notification the minute a new ad posts that meets your specifications.
  4. Find helpful information on prices, insurance, financing, transport and more on Boatline’s Research page.
  5. Use the handy email form on the seller’s ad to contact the seller and start negotiations!

Mega-Yacht Has Boaters Drooling

Anchored off the coast of Sausalito, California is a $300 million mega-yacht that has been drawing salivating boaters and crowds of awe-struck gawkers. Owned by Russian billionaire Andrey Meinichenko, the 390-foot yacht, christened “A,” is impossibly sleek with a futuristic command tower rising mid-ship. One gawker, echoing the sentiments of the shoreline audience, described the boat to Silicon Valley’s as looking “like something out of a James Bond movie.”

Dripping in luxury, the yacht is 62 feet wide at the beam, sporting a 2,583-square foot master suite, 6 cabins, three swimming pools, hot tubs and spas. The ship carries a crew of 37 and staff of 5. Safety and confidentiality are assured with a fingerprint security system on all doors.  

The opulent white master suite is wrapped in bombproof glass. A king-sized bed sits on a rotating platform that allows uninterrupted views of the sunset from any angle. A 60-inch plasma TV retracts from the ceiling. White stingray hides cover the walls of one room. Chairs crafted from Kudo horns and alligator hides sit on the main deck.

The vessel is powered by twin 6,000 HP engines. Cruising speed is 19.5 knots, but the yacht can reach speeds of 24 knots and travel 6,500 nautical miles without making port. Click here to take a tour of the A.

Mega yachts of this class are out of the price range of all but a few people, but you’ll find plenty of affordable yachts and boats for sale on