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What is a super yacht?

Super yachts, which are also known as luxury yachts, are expensive yachts that often have professional crews. In the last decade or so, more and people have taken to the seas in super yachts, which can be powered by sails or motors.

Since there is a spirit of competition among boat owners, it takes building a bigger and better boat to qualify as a super yacht. A yacht needs to be at least 79 feet (24 meters) to be entered in boat design competitions. However, super yachts that are 140 to 160 feet (45 to 50 meters) are thought to be on the small end for super yachts, even when these boats have three decks and enough space to sleep 10 to 12 people. Some boat owners choose to rent out their super yachts when they are not using them for people who want to cruise but don’t want to be on a commercial cruise ship.

.And now, because there are more super yachts than there used to be, new terms have been coined for boats that seem to go beyond even super yacht status. Boats with indoor swimming pools and hangars for helicopter landings and other super luxurious features are now known as mega yachts or giga yachts.

New ‘Green’ Technology Powers Luxury Catamaran

Whoever thought big,  luxury yachts couldn’t go “green” has never met Bruce Barsumian or seen his unique 65-foot luxury catamaran in action. Tired of draining his wallet to pump fuel into his 40-foot power boat, the electronics engineer from Tennessee told that he decided to find a way to “make big boats go faster with less power.” Fourteen years later, Barsumian is introducing his innovative Axcell 650 catamaran sport yacht at this week’s Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show. The 65-foot cat will be on display at the popular Florida boat show through Sunday. Check out this unique boat at Bahia Mar, 726 G Dock. 

Using HybridAir Technology, the sleek Axcell 650 cat glides smoothly over the water. Barsumian’s breakthrough air technology supports half of the boat’s 60,000-pound weight, allowing it to cruise at speeds exceeding 40 knots using only two 1,000 horsepower engines. Typically, a boat the size of Barsumian’s catamaran —  65 feet long by 21 feet wide — would require two 2,000 horsepower engines that would burn twice the amount of fuel required to power the Axcell.

Barsumian adapted technology used in ferry boats and Navy hovercraft to create his innovative design. After experimenting with a 16-foot prototype, it took Barsumian 10 more years to perfect his design and three additional years to build the Axel. Equipped with three plush staterooms and a 16-foot rigid inflatable, the Axle sells for $3.95 million.

Luxury Unfolds on ‘Origami Yacht’

Combining the ancient art of Japanese paper folding with design elements from cutting-edge stealth aircraft, an Italian ship designer as created an ingenious super yacht that folds open for luxury, closed for speed. Dubbed the “Origami Yacht,” it’s the brainchild of Millennium Yacht Design Award winner Fabio Federici. (Click the link to see this intriguing concept yacht.) If built, the yacht — still in the design phase — would cost more than $7.6 million.

Inspired by the rigid shape of military stealth aircraft, Federici has created a futuristic ship design worthy of a James Bond vehicle. When closed, the yacht is sleek and compact, sitting low on the water. An upward-slanting pointed bow and flying airfoil make the yacht extremely aerodynamic, allowing the yacht to reach “optimal speeds” on long-distance cruises, although determination of its actual speed range will have to await the building of a prototype.

When anchored, the boat unfolds into multiple decks with side-mounted “wings” extending to create additional living space. Four below-deck cabins are connected to a shaded roof-top sun deck by a spiral staircase. The three lounge decks rotate 360 degrees, providing continually changing views of the sea and harbor.  

Who knows whether the “origami yacht” is the wave of the future? As with all vehicles, designers are constantly striving for bigger, better and faster. You won’t find the “origami yacht” listed on this year, but boat buyers will find plenty of new and used boats for sale in every popular make and model.

Mega-Yacht Has Boaters Drooling

Anchored off the coast of Sausalito, California is a $300 million mega-yacht that has been drawing salivating boaters and crowds of awe-struck gawkers. Owned by Russian billionaire Andrey Meinichenko, the 390-foot yacht, christened “A,” is impossibly sleek with a futuristic command tower rising mid-ship. One gawker, echoing the sentiments of the shoreline audience, described the boat to Silicon Valley’s as looking “like something out of a James Bond movie.”

Dripping in luxury, the yacht is 62 feet wide at the beam, sporting a 2,583-square foot master suite, 6 cabins, three swimming pools, hot tubs and spas. The ship carries a crew of 37 and staff of 5. Safety and confidentiality are assured with a fingerprint security system on all doors.  

The opulent white master suite is wrapped in bombproof glass. A king-sized bed sits on a rotating platform that allows uninterrupted views of the sunset from any angle. A 60-inch plasma TV retracts from the ceiling. White stingray hides cover the walls of one room. Chairs crafted from Kudo horns and alligator hides sit on the main deck.

The vessel is powered by twin 6,000 HP engines. Cruising speed is 19.5 knots, but the yacht can reach speeds of 24 knots and travel 6,500 nautical miles without making port. Click here to take a tour of the A.

Mega yachts of this class are out of the price range of all but a few people, but you’ll find plenty of affordable yachts and boats for sale on

Luxury Boat Sales Up but Savvy Buyers Prefer Pre-owned Boats

Luxury yacht sales are on the upswing. According to a New York Times article, the wealthy are starting to spend again. Now that the recession is waning, high bracket buyers are back on the prowl, looking for luxury goods to make their leisure time more enjoyable. Sales of extravagant power boats, decked out fishing boats, and luxury sailing yachts are slowly increasing as people regain faith in the economy.

Interestingly, much of the action in the luxury boat market is not in new boat sales but in the sale of pre-owned luxury boats. Even the rich, it seems, aren’t immune to the lure of a good bargain. Online boat sale sites like Boatline have experienced an increase in viewer traffic from discriminating boat buyers who don’t mind saving a few thousand dollars on a good deal. Many savvy boat buyers actually prefer to buy a boat that’s been gently used. They say buying a pre-owned boat saves them the trouble of “working out the kinks” on a new boat and allows them to start enjoying their boat from the very first day.

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