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High School Students Learn to Refurbish Pontoons

There are all kinds of partnerships with schools where the students are given the chance to get real-world experience and produce products that can be donated or sold for a profit to benefit educational programming.

Some Indiana high school students that have been working to refurbish a pontoon boat have finished and recently revealed the final result with pride. The students have finished one boat and they have another one waiting in the wings.

The Associated Press reports that “The students learned vocational skills, experienced facets of owning and running a business and learned about the importance of recycling.”

No matter where they go in life, these students will take with them that technical knowledge and they feeling of accomplishment.

Boat making is a skill and profession that many people no longer have exposure to in out modern times. There was a time when more people were aware of what it takes to construct a boat and how a boat operates, even if they did not make boats themselves. Having some background on what goes into making a boat can increase appreciation of travelling by boat. And it can also come in handy should you need to repair or buy a boat.

The History of Pontoon Boats

Ambrose Weeres, a rural Minnesota farmer, is credited with making the first pontoon motorboat in the United Sates. He formed his company, Weeres Industries in 1952. Weeres began making the boats himself and selling them through dealers, but he couldn’t keep doing it on his own. He named his first boat “The Empress.” Although he was included in the Minnesota Marina Hall of Fame and got the nickname “Mr. Pontoon,” some people would say that Weeres didn’t really know just how much his invention meant to people.

Some people who purchase a pontoon tend to do so for leisure and not because they intend on using it for fishing, but they can be used for fishing. You can also use a pontoon to pull someone through the water on a tube, which can be a lot of fun. Pontoons are a very popular purchase for businesses that rent out boats. They are also used to ferry people across lakes and rivers all over the world.

If you research the type of boat that will work best for your lifestyle and find that a pontoon suits you, you can shop online for a pontoon right from the comfort of your home.

Pontoon Boats Offer Relaxing Family Fun

Pontoon boats are the perfect vacation antidote to the busy, over-scheduled, over-programmed activites that typify American family life. Board a pontoon boat for a cruise down a scenic local river or across a beautiful lake and you can feel the stress ooze away with each put-put-put of the motor. Pontoon boating has become a popular family activity on America’s recreational lakes and waterways.

Pontoon boating is ideal for family boating excursions. Pontoon boats offer plenty of space for family and friends, picnic coolers, water toys, even the family dog. Many families load up to spend a day on the water. Pontoon boats are a versatile launch point for a host of enjoyable family activities.

  •  Use your pontoon boat as a swim platform or give the kids a ride on a towed inflatable.
  • Bait some hooks and indulge in a few hours of leisurely fishing, beer and snacks at the ready.
  • Cruise across the lake to explore small islands or spend at day at a secluded beach.
  • Putter slowly near the shore and watch for wildlife and migrating birds.
  • Enjoy ringside seats to local boat races or fireworks.
  • Take a relaxing sunset cruise.

Pontoon boating lets you and your family power down and enjoy life in the slow lane for a change. Buying a pontoon boat is an investment in family fun and leisurely relaxation. You’ll find a wealth of wonderful pontoon boats to choose from on