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Tips for Safe Boat Transport

If you’re a boater who lives in an area with major seasonal changes in weather, you have to go through the arduous process of hauling your boat from the water as the cold approaches and placing it in storage. Then when spring rolls around and the weather starts to break, you go through the whole process again in reverse, though returning your boat to the water is usually quite a bit more enjoyable than removing it.

Taking the steps to ensure that your sailboat or power boat has safely made it through boating season and performing necessary maintenance prior to stowing it away for the winter are great ways to extend its life. Properly winterizing your vessel prior to storage is also a great way to ensure that you’ll be able to get back into the water once the weather has broken.

One very important aspect of boat transport that can easily get overlooked though is the condition of your trailer. A thorough inspection of your trailer prior to hauling your boat is essential for your safety, your boats safety and the safety of all those around you.

Things like dry rotted tires, rotted boards and damaged rollers can spell disaster if they happen to get overlooked prior to hitting the road. The trailer isn’t necessarily an overly complex piece of equipment and most repairs can be addressed by boaters who are comfortable working with their hands. You may only use your trailer a few times a year, but it’s an integral piece of equipment if you need to haul your boat.

Transport Auctions Can Save Boat Owners Cash

To save money, many boat owners are turning to boat transport auctions. Boat owners in states where the temperatures drop below freezing have to pull their boats from the water and transport them to storage facilities in the fall, repeating the procedure in the spring. Boat owners with smaller boats that can be trailered and hauled by a pickup truck usually take care of this chore themselves. Owners of yachts and large sailboats, however, don’t have that luxury because of the size, height and weight of their vessels. Specialized equipment is required to move large, heavy, oversized or tall-masted boats safely to prevent damaging the vessel. Boat transport companies provide this service but the cost can be staggering.

Many yacht and sailboat owners are significantly reducing boat transport fees by participating in transport auctions. On, customers save time and money by posting their transport requirement on the UShip website. Boat transport companies bid for the job auction-style which allows them to fill unused cargo space on carriers. The boat owner benefits by paying significantly less to have his boat transported. Everybody wins!

Transport auctions also decrease the cost of buying a boat online from an out-of-state seller. High transport costs often prohibit boat buyers from shopping beyond their local area when they view classified boat ads online. When transport costs are affordable, buyers feel more comfortable expanding their search nationally which gives them a greater selection of boats to choose from.

Maryland Family Returns Home After 7-Year Voyage

Seven years at sea brought the five-member Crafton family closer together, taught them to count on each other and imbued their three children with self-confidence and a raft of sailing skills. Seven years after the Craftons sailed away from Saverna Park, Maryland, they have returned, enriched by unforgettable memories of the strange and exotic places they visited during their 30,000-mile trek around the globe. (Click here to watch the ABC News report and view photos of the Crafton’s voyage.)

The adventuresome family sold their possessions in 2003 and bought a sailboat they christened Nueva Vida, a new life. Their youngest, Ben, who was just 7 when the Craftons set out on their journey, is now a strapping teenager. The Crafton children left tracks in the sand on a hundred beaches as they sailed through the milestones of what became an extraordinary childhood. During their journeys, the Craftons walked in the footsteps of Darwin and Captain Cook. A visit to the island of Vanuatu allowed mother Kathy to see where he father had fought during World War II. Daughter Jena was feted at a Guatemalan pig roast on her 17th birthday. Oldest daughter Kalena, now 21, met her boyfriend in the Solomon Islands.

Throughout their around-the-world voyage, the Crafton’s experienced many cultures, learning something new at each port-of-call and following what became their family philosophy. At dad Tom Crafton explained, “We tried not to leave footprints as we traveled. I think they had more to teach us than we could teach them.”