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Saying Goodbye to a Beloved Boat

A Washington state couple whose 45-foot tugboat has been a fixture at local boat fair made their last appearance and talked with a newspaper about their experiences as boat owners.

The Patersons have owned the Joe, a tugboat built in 1942, since 1986 and it became an integral part of their lives: “The couple has become so close with the boat, Kae Paterson jokes that the boat is included in their marriage contract.”

So the decision to let the boat go was difficult for them. They felt like their time with the boat has come to an end and they have other things they want to do. It was better for them to end this chapter on their own terms because they did not want to get to the point where the boat had to be sold nor did they want the boat to fall into disrepair since they are an older couple and there might be a time when they can’t care for it.

Parting with a beloved boat is never easy but you can ease the process by placing an online boat ad that will allow you to screen a number of buyers before making the sale.



Buy a Boat, the Ultimate Holiday Gift

The holidays are coming. Wonder if those big red bows come in boat size? A boat is the ultimate holiday gift and surprisingly affordable when you buy your boat online at Shopping for a boat, whether it’s a luxury yacht or tricked-out fishing boat, is easy too when you shop on While your other half fights the crowds at the mall, you can putter around the Boatline website for happy hours checking out the features of various boats until you find the boat you’ve always dreamed of owning.

Who needs another tie or box of golf balls? Tell your honey you want the ultimate man cave! Where else but on a boat can you and your buds really get away from it all and leave your troubles behind for a few hours? And don’t be shy about buying a boat for yourself. A recent survey by the National Retail Federation found that 25% of Americans plan to buy gifts for themselves this holiday season. After all, it’s the only way to get when you really want.  

Granted, buying a boat will take a bigger bite out of your budget than a new power drill, but boat ownership has advantages for the whole family. Boating is a great way to pry the kids away from the X-box and create some family memories. It’s healthy outdoor fun that brings families together. And if your honey still needs convincing, mention how romantic it will be to cruise into the sunset while sipping champagne!

Boat Dealers Get Noticed with Boatline Banner Ads

Boat dealerships can ramp up their Internet presence, gain national exposure for their brand and increase customer traffic to their website with Boatline banner ads. Hundreds of thousands of motivated boat buyers visit to check out our classified ad listings. Banner ads are the first thing potential customers notice when they click onto the Boatline website. Savvy boat dealers know that banner advertising is the fastest way to draw attention to their brand and maximize exposure with their target audience — potential boat buyers.

Boatline’s experienced advertising staff can help you craft a banner ad that is certain to drive increased traffic to your dealership website. Our affordable banner ad packages can be customized to fit any marketing budget. If your boat dealership is already taking advantage of Boatline’s generous unlimited free dealership listings, adding a banner ad to your online marketing package will maximize your web exposure and give your boat dealership a significant competitive edge over the competition.

Boatline banner ads are just one element of our comprehensive boat dealership program. A leader in online classified advertising for more than a decade, offer unlimited descriptive text and 12 full color photos on each classified ad. Dealership classified ads are easy to set up and can be easily modified online at no additional cost. Boatline also provides boat dealers with valuable traffic statistics on each listing. If you’re ready to ramp up your online sales, contact Boatline’s skilled marketing team today.

Good-looking Gelcoat Will Help Sell Your Boat Online

That gleaming, high-gloss gelcoat is what makes your power boat look sharp on the water — and in your online classified boat ad when you’re ready to sell your boat online. But that glossy outer skin isn’t just cosmetic vanity; it also protects the body of your boat from harmful oxidation. A boat with a good-looking gelcoat will sell faster and for a better price than a boat with a gelcoat that has turned dull and chalky. A poorly maintained gelcoat makes your boat look sad and seedy and definitely older than its years.

Even if you don’t plan to sell your boat online this winter, keeping its gelcoat in good repair will protect your boat from damaging oxidation, ensuring you many more years of boating pleasure. Follow these steps to maintain your boat’s gelcoat:

  1. If the gelcoat shows only minor signs of oxidation — a few dull or cloudy patches — apply an oxidation-removing compound to restore shine.
  2. If the gelcoat is dull, pitted and largely non-reflective, oxidation is moderate. Using a mechanical buffer, apply fine-grain polishing compound to smooth out pits.
  3. If the gelcoat is heavily oxidized, the surface of your boat will be completely non-reflective and may feel chalky. Restoring a gelcoat this damaged is a major undertaking that will require considerable sanding and polishing. Unless boat restoration is your hobby, consider taking your boat to a professional.
  4. Failure to maintain the gelcoat will eventually forced you to repaint your boat. 

Tips for Buying a Boat Online

If you’re in the market for a boat, chances are you’ve already started looking online. According to J.D. Powers & Associates, 80% of buyers research vehicle information and pricing online before making a purchase. Thousands of motivated boat buyers visit every month. They come not only to research boats and compare prices but to buy.  On boat buyers know they’ll find thousands of well-organized classified boat ads gathered on one convenient site. Boatline provides buyers with a far a greater selection of boat types, makes and models at a much more attractive price spread than can be found at local marinas.

So how do you buy a boat online? Follow these boat buying tips:

  1. First, decide on the type of watercraft you want to buy: power boat, sailboat, fishing boat, pontoon boat, personal watercraft, etc. 
  2. Browse the new and used classified boat ad listings on Boatline. Make a list of the features you’re looking for.
  3. Use Boatline’s Advanced Search feature to narrow your search. Boatline allows you to search by make, model, price, year, length, location and more. You can save your search results and favorite ads for easy comparison. If you’re looking for a particular make or model, use Boatline’s handy Auto Notify. You’ll receive an email notification the minute a new ad posts that meets your specifications.
  4. Find helpful information on prices, insurance, financing, transport and more on Boatline’s Research page.
  5. Use the handy email form on the seller’s ad to contact the seller and start negotiations!

Advertising on Boatline Helps Boat Dealers Clear Inventory

With year-end model sales started to get underway, boat dealers trying to clear stock have found an ally in A leader in online classified boat ads, Boatline is now offering dealers, brokers and sales people unlimited FREE ad listings on our popular website. This is a deal too good to pass up!

Hundreds of thousands of motivated boat buyers visit every month. Posting your boat inventory on Boatline allows boat dealers, brokers and sales people to tap into that lucrative nationwide buyers’ pool without spending a dime. Posting your inventory on Boatline instantly extends your marketing reach beyond local markets to a nationwide audience, maximizing your sales potential and helping you clear stock more quickly.

Boatline makes it quick and easy for boat dealers to post their stock online. Each online boat ad includes full color photos and unlimited space for a detailed text description. Online classified ad listings can be set up and modified quickly at no additional cost. Boatline even provides valuable traffic stats on your listings to help you manage your inventory more effectively. Multiple listing accounts with auto data feeds and other useful features are also available to boat dealers, brokers and sales personnel.

To find our how you can take your boat sales to a higher level, call the friendly staff today at 1-800-282-2183 or use our online contact form.

How to Price Your Boat to Sell Online

When you decide to sell your boat, it’s natural to want top dollar. After all, the more you earn on the sale, the more you’ll have to put toward that bigger, better boat you saw on Boatline. Pricing your boat competitively will draw motivated boat buyers to your ad and ensure that your boat sells quickly.

Here’s how to price your boat to sell:

  • Selling your boat online keeps more money in your pocket. There are no commission charges, and Boatline ads are free! Plus, your boat ad gets national exposure.
  • Start with the purchase price and add in the cost of any improvements. Obviously, you need to consider depreciation when setting your sale price.
  • Use the NADA Guides link on Boatline’s Research page to find the “blue book” value of your boat. Click the pertinent options to receive the most useful price.
  • Using Boatline’s handy Boat Search feature, see what other boat owners are asking for comparable models.
  • Price your boat in the same range as your competition. Make sure you leave some wiggle room. List your boat for sale for a little more than you actually hope to get so you can come down in price a bit. Every buyer loves a bargain!

If you want a good fast online sale, price your boat reasonably. The years of pleasure you’ve already received from your boat is value you’ll never lose.

Stop Drooling! Buy a Boat!

Picnics at the lake and barbecues along the river will be on the agenda for many U.S. families this 4th of July weekend. There’s something about water and its soothing serenity that attracts us. As you sit on the bank, staring out at the boats on the water this weekend, be honest with yourself. Wouldn’t you rather be ON the water?

You don’t see boaters staring pensively at the shore wishing they could change places with their land-bound admirers. It’s the shorebirds who long to launch themselves onto the sparkling blue waters and flit across the waves. Well, what’s stopping you? Isn’t it time for you to stop drooling and buy a boat? You’ll find plenty of very well-priced boats of all types for sale on

Boating offers fun for everyone. Power boats are perfect for those who enjoy energetic water sports like water skiing and tubing. Pontoon boats are a good choice for lazy cruises down the river with time out for a dip or two in the water. Fishing boats provide hours of relaxing pleasure punctuated with opportunities to pit your skills against a wily pike or bass. Sailing boats are the perfect choice for those who want to immerse themselves in the relaxing quiet of sun, wind and waves.

Wave goodbye to the shore. Buy a boat on Boatline and get out on the water!

Picture Taking Tips for Great Looking Online Boat Ads

When potential boat buyers browse through online classified boat ads on Boatline, they start their search by quickly scanning ad photos. A compelling photo of your boat will entice boat buyers to click on your online boat ad for more information. Boat sellers who submit only one picture with their online boat ad  fail to maximize the sales impact of their ad.

Boatline allows boat sellers to post 12 photos with every online ad at no charge. For just $10, the number of photos can be increased to 24. Pictures are a proven way to draw the attention of boat buyers to your online ad. Online boat buyers like to see what they’re buying. Attaching a photo gallery of your boat to your online ad will help your boat sell faster.

Follow these tips for creating great photos to post to your online boat ad:

  • Choose a sunny day. Plan to devote one hour to picture taking.
  • Use a  digital camera with flash and minimum image quality/resolution of 1024 pixels by 768 pixels.
  • Water and photo equipment don’t mix; protect your equipment during filming.
  • Use a wide-angle lens to take several exterior photos of the entire boat.
  •  If possible, take a wide-angle photo from above the boat to show its layout.
  • Use a telephoto lens to capture photos of your boat underway.
  • Use a normal lens to take close ups of major features, including steering/throttle, cabins, galley, deck, head, anchor, trim, etc.

Luxury Boat Sales Up but Savvy Buyers Prefer Pre-owned Boats

Luxury yacht sales are on the upswing. According to a New York Times article, the wealthy are starting to spend again. Now that the recession is waning, high bracket buyers are back on the prowl, looking for luxury goods to make their leisure time more enjoyable. Sales of extravagant power boats, decked out fishing boats, and luxury sailing yachts are slowly increasing as people regain faith in the economy.

Interestingly, much of the action in the luxury boat market is not in new boat sales but in the sale of pre-owned luxury boats. Even the rich, it seems, aren’t immune to the lure of a good bargain. Online boat sale sites like Boatline have experienced an increase in viewer traffic from discriminating boat buyers who don’t mind saving a few thousand dollars on a good deal. Many savvy boat buyers actually prefer to buy a boat that’s been gently used. They say buying a pre-owned boat saves them the trouble of “working out the kinks” on a new boat and allows them to start enjoying their boat from the very first day.

Boatline offers a wide selection of new and pre-owned boats at excellent prices. On Boatline you’ll find everything from ultra-luxury sailing yachts, high-powered power boats and fully-equipped fishing boats to family-priced houseboats, rubber dinghies and jet skis. Browse our online classified boat ads and save.