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10 of the Best Fishing Destinations Around the World

Best River Boating Destinations: Beyond the Mississippi

5 Tips for Selling Your Boat Online

5 Tips for Selling Your Boat Online

Ready to upgrade to the boat of your dreams, but not sure how to sell your current vessel? There’s a lot of work involved to get your watercraft ready for the market, such as taking awesome listing photos and making sure you’re getting the highest value when you sell. To make things easier, Boatline is sharing five tips for selling your boat online.

1. Prepare Your Boat

When you’re getting ready to sell your boat, make sure it’s looking its best so you can attract buyers and get the highest possible price. Here are some steps you can take to prepare your boat for selling:

  • Clean the boat
  • Repair and refresh your boat with a new paint job or vinyl stickers
  • Have your vessel’s service records organized and ready
  • Repair anything that might need fixing, including add-ons like boat trailers
  • Check your boat’s engine for any issues
  • Go over all of the boat’s surfaces with a disinfectant cleaner

2. Take Quality Photos and Videos of Your Boat

When you prepare your boat for listing on an online marketplace like Boatline, great pictures and videos go a long way. Clear, well-lit photographs make it easier for a potential buyer to imagine what it would be like to own the boat and how great it looks on the water. Try to take a picture or video of your boat in action, as this can help sell the adventure aspect of your boat to potential buyers.

3. Learn the Value of Your Boat

When it’s time to put your listing online, analyze the market and get the best value. You can use Boatline to compare your boat to similar listings and see how much it’s currently worth. The make, model, age, and condition all determine the value of your vessel. You can also get your boat inspected by a trusted professional to see what needs to be fixed. If there’s anything wrong with your boat that you may have overlooked, you can fix it before selling and get a higher value on the marketplace.

4. Set the Price of Your Boat

Now that you know your boat’s value, it’s time to set your price. Determine how much you are willing to negotiate when it comes to selling. Set a minimum price in your mind that you won’t go below, but at first you can try for a higher price on the listing to see if you can get more value for your boat. This will make it easier to make an adjustment and lower the price of the boat during a negotiation. But remember to not go too far above your boat’s market value; if your boat is more expensive than similar units, you won’t get any interested buyers.

5. Be Detailed with Your Boat’s Listing

Make an excellent first impression to potential buyers with your boat’s listing. Be detailed and direct, make sure your listing information isn’t too lengthy, double check for grammar and spelling errors, and use language that makes your boat appealing. Give the boat’s exact specifications: size, weight, motor capacity in horsepower, the boat’s extra features that aren’t offered from similar boats, and any upgrades you’ve made. For example, if you’re selling a used powerboat, include whether it has an inboard or outboard motor. Keep communication clear and be responsive, and be up front and honest about any of your boat’s flaws.

There’s a lot to consider when selling your boat online. Following these tips will help you get the most value for your boat and ensure it’s smooth sailing when selling on the market. When you’re ready, be sure to see all of the new and used boats available nationwide on!


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Ryan Miller
Ryan Miller

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