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10 of the Best Fishing Destinations Around the World

Best River Boating Destinations: Beyond the Mississippi

4 Signs It’s Time To Sell and Upgrade Your Boat

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As a boating enthusiast, it may be hard for you to admit when it’s time to part ways with your trusted vessel. You may hold tight to your treasured memories on the water, however there are a few ways to know when it’s time to say “bon voyage” to your old boat. Upgrading to a new boat can make life on the water easier and more enjoyable, but you have to let go of your older model first. Boatline has put together four signs that signal when it’s time to sell and upgrade your boat.

1. Your Boat No Longer Meets Your Needs

If you bought your boat years ago, your boating needs at the time may have been different than they are today. Back then, your biggest concern might have been going freshwater fishing with buddies and having a couple of cold ones. Now, it’s not only about fishing, but also about creating fun trips with your family. Life changes as time passes, and our pastimes change with it.

Now, your priorities might be centered on fun and safe family experiences. Is your current model missing the required rails that a child might need? Does it lack the appropriate storage space for a family day trip? If so, it might be time to look for a new model that suits your family’s needs or satisfies your current desires.

2. The Boat is Still in Good Selling Condition

You and your boat have been through many adventures over the years. However, your boat doesn’t look like it’s experienced years of aquatic adventures. You’re a responsible owner who’s followed the necessary boat maintenance to take care of your investment. If your boat looks and runs almost as good as new, then now is a great time to sell.

As time goes by, your boat might lose value. Take advantage of your boat’s great condition while it has a solid market value. With the money you make from the sale of your used boat, you could purchase a brand-new or new-to-you model with all the bells and whistles. The longer you wait to upgrade, the harder it could be to get a great deal on your for-sale boat.

3. Your Boat is Adding Unnecessary Expenses

When a boat doesn’t serve your needs anymore, it becomes another costly expense. Whether you have to make continuous repairs or are constantly adding upgrades to keep it modernized, you may be spending more than you like on boating costs. However, if you can upgrade to a model that offers you lower overall annual costs, you will save money in the long run, even if the initial cost is a significant investment.

The “sunk cost fallacy” might be working against you. You don’t have to keep spending money just because you feel nervous about selling an investment that has cost you time, effort, and money. Selling your boat before it becomes an even bigger expense will give you more to spend on an upgraded vessel with fewer overall maintenance costs.

4. Your Boat is Causing More Worries than Joy

Your boat should always make your life more full and enjoyable. Whether it’s in bad shape or you’re spending too much on maintenance costs, your boat could be adding stress to your life rather than happiness, and something needs to change.

Boating should offer stress relief and be a reprieve from everyday life. Selling your boat could provide you with a nice profit that will allow you to invest in a newer, upgraded model that will bring you fewer worries. All you’ll have to do is focus on your next excursion on the water.

While you have strong memories associated with your old boat, those may be what is standing between you and a new boat. Once you take a step back and look for some of these signs, you’ll realize that it’s time to move on from your outdated boat and upgrade to a new model that will serve you and your boating lifestyle for years to come.

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Arielle Patterson
Arielle Patterson

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