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Top 6 States for Warm Weather Boating this Winter

Snow and ice, chilling winds, cold water, and gray skies—many boaters dread winter and will call it a day when temperatures start to drop. But rather than taking steps for storing your boat, why not extend the boating season by taking off into the South for sunshine, blue skies, and warm water. Boatline is sharing six warm destinations to boat so you can get more out of the boating lifestyle.

1. Arizona

You’d be surprised to find that even in a state covered with desert sand that Arizona has plenty to offer boaters during the winter months. When cold weather comes around, put your watercraft on a boat trailer and make your way south for warm temperatures, clear skies, and sunlight. Boating destinations like Lake Havasu and Lake Powell are less busy during this time of year, giving you open waters to get around. You’ll also encounter a stunning landscape that mixes canyons with shoreline, and red rocks with beaches.

2. California

With more than 800 miles of coastline, California has more opportunities for winter boaters of every hobby and interest. You can take your vessel out for water sports and activities, cast your line on your salt water fishing boat, or go swimming and snorkeling. During the winter, relax on the water and catch a sunset over the Pacific at a few of the best coastal towns on the West Coast, like Avalon, Cambria, or Carmel-by-the-Sea. Or, go explore one of the region’s popular lake destinations for winter boaters, including Big Bear Lake, Pyramid Lake, or the Salton Sea, an inland saltwater lake with boat ramps.

3. Florida

Winter gives you more reason to go to Florida, helping you dodge the freezing temperatures of the north, as well as the hot and muggy days you’d get here during the summer. There are also endless activities for any adventuring boater, such as snorkeling, scuba diving, canoeing and kayaking, and fishing. Boaters have discovered Florida is a prime destination for setting out with any of these boats that are perfect for water sports. You can make your way through thousands of lakes and rivers in Clermont or Lake County, drop anchor on the open sea at the Straits of Florida or Dry Tortugas National Park, or experience island life in the Keys.

4. Mississippi

Take a boat trip down south for saltwater and freshwater boating in Mississippi. During the winter, you can enjoy boating down the mighty Mississippi River, pristine beaches, fishing, cuisine, and festivities across the state’s many waterways. In December, there are local Christmas celebrations, such as boat parades, while in February or March, Mardi Gras parties are carried out along coastal communities. Alongside Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana are another couple great stand-ins with similar Southern boating experiences for the winter, with warm air temps, sunshine, and a breeze along the water.

5. Texas

Boating can be bigger in Texas during the winter, especially with a mild climate and sunny days. Go fishing, cruise along the water, or visit a beach during these months—there’s something for every boater, whether you’re looking to relax or have fun. This is your chance to explore islands along the Gulf Coast, or dock further south at Corpus Christi or Galveston and see what these towns have to offer for nightlife and family events. You could also spend some time inland for a convenient boating trip with a smaller vessel on Austin’s Lady Bird Lake or the Colorado River. 

6. U.S. Virgin Islands

Instead of taking up winter boating projects for the cold weather, make big plans for a boating excursion far south to the U.S. Virgin Islands. If you’re an experienced boater and know how to navigate on long journeys, you can skip the winter for these tranquil islands in the Caribbean. The islands of St. Thomas, St. John, and St. Croix welcome boaters during this time, with amazing views of the water and mountains. Join in for water sports in crystal clear blue waters, wildlife watch and spot marine life as you swim, or relax out on the beaches with white sand and palm trees.

Boaters are discovering that winter is actually one of the best times of the year to get out on the water with a trip down south. Plan ahead and get more out of your boat by visiting one of these  warm weather destinations. And if you’re looking for your next new or used boat, be sure to see all the new and used listings on the nationwide marketplace at


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Ryan Miller

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