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The Top 5 Boat Brands of 2022

The Top 5 Boat Brands of 2022

Searching for a new boat can require a lot of research. You may have already determined how to find the exact boat you want, but have you considered which manufacturer offers the best make of your dream boat? To help you out, we are highlighting the manufactures that captured the most attention from Boatline shoppers last year. Here is Boatline’s ranking of the top five boat brands on our marketplace by consumer search volume in 2022. 


1. Sea Ray

As one of the most renowned manufacturers in the boating industry, it’s fitting that Sea Ray was one of the most searched on our marketplace. Sea Ray’s boats are built to deliver maximum performance, quality, and an overall enhanced boating experience. The beauty of Sea Ray is in the company’s keen attention to detail. With offerings like the popular Sundancer series, Sea Ray is highly regarded among boating enthusiasts who enjoy a classic, comfortable vessel for leisure activities. 

2. Yamaha

Yamaha is another popular brand among Boatline shoppers. From personal watercraft to power boats, Yamaha has a brand lineup diverse enough to suit the needs of most types of boaters. Along with versatility, Yamaha offers exceptional engine power and speed through a combination of innovative technology and design. You can certainly look to this manufacturer if you’re eager to get out on the water for an exhilarating experience. 

3. Sea-Doo

Family friendly boats are widely sought after by water enthusiasts who love to share the adventures of the boating lifestyle. Likewise, Sea-Doo was top-of-mind for boaters who searched the Boatline marketplace in 2022. This brand has a stellar reputation for its watersports-ready pontoons and personal watercrafts. Plus, they offer various features and options that can accommodate different levels of boating experience. For many, Sea-Doo has great choices that the whole family can enjoy.

4. Bayliner

Bayliner was highly searched for on our marketplace this past year, alongside the other popular manufacturers on this list. A couple of the main highlights of this brand is its reliability and convenience. With an emphasis on storage space and stable design, Bayliner provides a dependable vessel to carry out your water activities on, whether that’s fishing or cruising on the open water.

5. Bennington

In 2022, Bennington was another key-player that garnered the eyes of Boatline shoppers. While some manufacturers design boats that have a more simple feel, Bennington brings luxury and performance to the forefront. Many of the Bennington listings on our marketplace are ultra spacious boats with versatile layouts and design. Additionally, there are various boat types to help you embark on your next ultimate adventure.

While there are many desired features and boat types to consider, browsing by make can help you streamline your search. When you’re ready to find a new or used boat, search the nationwide marketplace on


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Keona Frasier
Keona Frasier

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