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Volvo Penta Plans to Reimagine The Future of Boating

Have you ever imagined a world where you can open a mobile app and easily book a yacht ride with the push of a button? Volvo Penta wants to make this idea, and many others, a reality. Earlier this year, Volvo Penta revealed its aspirations for the future of recreational boating, which involves the ability to book a ride on a self-steering boat via smartphone. This idea comes just in time as more manufacturers gear up to launch their own autonomous boating tech, which could happen as early as the end of the year. In the meantime, Boatline is here to keep you informed on the progress of innovative boating trends. Keep reading as we explore 5 ways Volvo Penta’s plans to reimagine the future of boating.


1. A smooth Introduction to Boating 

Volvo Penta’s automated boating technology would also provide an easy entrance into the boating lifestyle for inexperienced boaters. The company would try to accomplish this by virtually mentoring interested boaters, allowing them to eventually gain the skill needed to drive boats on their own. The self steering capabilities of Volvo’s boats would additionally allow safer navigation for novice boaters when docking the boat. Experienced boaters could also use the self-driving feature as a way to sit back and relax without interruption. 


2. More Personalized Boating

Volvo Penta’s concept for the boat booking app, which would be compatible with Volvo’s autonomous boats, as a way to integrate new technology into the recreational marine world. The goal is for both first-time boaters and highly skilled enthusiasts to be able to easily personalize their experiences, from faster access to on-board assistance to easily scheduling watersports activities. For example, you’d be able to use the app to book a ride on an available power boat, and select water-skiing as your activity for the day. 


3. Convenience 

Volvo Penta also put together a video to showcase how concepts for this new technology will provide the most optimal experience. In the video, we get to see how users can easily reserve their boat, schedule activities, and arrange meetups with other boaters, all through the app. Among the conceptual features demonstrated was  digital anchoring, GPS navigation, and the ability to wirelessly recharge smaller boaters. 


4. Sustainability and Electrification

Electric boats have made their way into the world of recreational boating in recent years, including electric pontoons– among other popular boat types. Volvo Penta’s vision is right in line, as the technology the company is developing relies heavily on battery-power. In fact, Volvo included recharging facilities that use wind, wave and solar power generation, in the plans. Volvo’s idea to integrate electric charging into their autonomous boating efforts would play a significant  role in the company’s goal to shift their business towards more environmentally conscious services.


5. More Community-Driven Boating

Many of the potential features Volvo have considered would provide a way for boating enthusiasts to connect with each other on the water. In addition to lending a charging source to other boats, the concept included the ability for motor yachts to find and then raft up with each other electronically . This feature would be especially useful for boating groups, or community events. Plus, the autonomous features would allow novice boaters to confidently share the waterways with more experienced boaters.


While Vovo has yet to draft a complete blueprint for their vision, they have given the boating community a conceptual look into the possibilities for the future of recreational boating. Trends in the world of boating are rapidly evolving and new technology is underway, so it’s a good idea to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and boats to hit the market.

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Keona Frasier
Keona Frasier

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