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Is Traveling By Boat Better Than Flying?

Is Traveling by Boat Better Than Flying?

Vacations, holidays, and traveling are in season right now, but with recent problems plaguing the airline industry, simply getting to your desired destination can add stress to your life. If you’re a boat owner, it’s definitely worth considering traveling by water as an alternative and comparing this option to flying to see if it’s cost efficient and convenient for you. Boatline is providing some useful answers to your question, “Is traveling by boat better than flying?”

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What’s Wrong with Airline Travel Right Now?

Flight delays, cancellations, labor shortages, high prices for tickets, long lines, and crowded airports—these are some of the biggest problems Americans are facing when flying during the peak travel season. Flying should be fast and convenient, but lately it’s turned into a nightmare. With all these issues, boat travel is an appealing option right now. 

In June, hundreds of thousands of airline customers around the country were stranded in airports due to inclement weather delays and staffing shortages with personnel, including pilots and mechanics. According to a report from CNN, by the end of June 2023, about 9,000 flights were canceled, and thousands of passengers experienced disruptive flight delays or missed connections due to severe storms, droughts, and excessive heat. Consumer complaints during this period of time are up 300%. 

In another article from CNN, $54 billion of taxpayer funds have been redirected towards supporting airlines to stop layoffs during the pandemic. However, employees were offered buyouts and early retirement incentives instead. This has caused severe labor shortages, and the workforce has yet to reemerge to meet the demands of summertime travel.

Right now, travelers want to arrive at their destination and enjoy their vacation. For many Americans, flying has been a waste of time, money, and has caused too much stress.

Traveling By Boat vs. Flying

If you own a boat, you have the unique chance to compare whether traveling by sea is a better option than flying. This is your chance to plan a relaxing vacation on the water, like these best destinations around the world for water sports and activities. This is an opportunity to avoid all the airline troubles and rethink how you spend your vacation or the way you travel.

Give yourself time in advance to find a place with boating facilities, like a marina, port, or docks to safely store your boat for longer stays. If you’re going somewhere inland, like a river or lake, check that there’s a boat slip, and discover what’s the best method of transporting your vessel. To see if boating is a better option than flying, here are a few things to consider when comparing these two modes of travel.


If you have a larger boat that’s ready to set out on a voyage, consider the advantages of taking it out on the water to get to your destination rather than flying. Make vacation plans to relax along the water, like visiting one of these top sailing destinations in the world. Just know what it takes to prepare for the journey, like packing supplies, having enough fuel, looking out for inclement weather, and making note of where you might be able to stop along the way. If you’re sailing to another country, make sure you have proof of ownership and a visa or passport. Know what laws and regulations are in place at your destination regarding cargos and goods. 

Next, weigh this decision against flying. Think about it: you can leave according to your schedule without the lines and crowds at the airport. You won’t have to worry about missing a flight or random cancellations that disrupt your holiday plans. Your boat has everything you need on your demand.


It’s true, flying is expensive these days, and you might find that traveling by boat is more cost effective. You’ve already been making payments for your boat, so why not get more value out of your ownership rather than spending extra money on an airline ticket. Just keep in mind the expenses involved with taking your boat somewhere, including the cost of fuel, supplies like food and drinks onboard, anything you’ll need to keep yourself entertained while you go (like gear for water sports), and fees involved with keeping your boat somewhere overnight at a dock or marina. 

When you fly, you have to worry about the cost of the ticket, checked bags (that could get lost), food and beverages, entertainment, and more hidden fees that add up. Boating could be the best option when it comes to saving money on your next trip.


Finally, compare the experience and comfort of boating against flying. Skippers prefer the boating life because it can be relaxing and entertaining when you set sail on the blue water under the sun with the breeze behind your back. You’re free on the open water and able to catch a glimpse of wildlife and enjoy nature. Now compare this side-by-side with flying in a crammed aircraft with recycled air. You’ll have less privacy and less room to move around. Maybe boating to your destination will take longer, but that’s actually part of the holiday experience. It also makes your vacation even more unique when you can reach far-off and remote places that otherwise would be a challenge to get to by airplane.

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Look at the pros and cons of boating and flying and discover what’s the best travel option for you. Break down your decision based on cost, convenience, and the experience to see what’s feasible and realistic when you’re ready to set out. When you’re ready, start shopping on, where you can find the nation’s best selection of new and used boats.


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