Evaluation Of Ugly Stik – A Fishing Rod

It is very easy to get mislead by the tag “ugly stik”. This rod has a nice appearance contrary to the name. Quite a strong and sturdy rod, the ugly stik is one of the most preferred rods. Another advantage that the ugly stik has is its price tag can interest anyone as it is very cheap. So as an angler when you have so many advantages, you would definitely think of no other rod than the ugly stik.

Name Calling
If we were to see why this name came into existence, it could be the physical appearance of this rod. It has a gray color to it except for the tip where it is colorless. This has not stopped people from liking it. Going a step ahead, many call it being striking in appearance. The name still is the same.

Origin Of Ugly Stik
Shakespeare, a fishing rod producer founded in 1897 was the one to introduce “Ugly Stik” to the world. Since then, there has been no looking back for this fishing rod. Very quickly, ugly stik became famous in the market, thanks to the wonderful craftsmanship and the low prices. Soon our ugly stik became a stiff challenger amongst its peers. Those who were initially disbelieving towards the ugly stik soon swore their loyalty to it as they discovered its greatness. I am sure you would have seen the “Fish Ugly” ad everywhere yourself and wanted one for yourself. Ugly stik had ruled the roost back in those days with huge sales up until today.

Different Fishing Rods
Shakespeare company produces many diverse Ugly Stik fishing rods which can be used for fishing many kinds of fish and water situations. If you were to go the store you can see special rods for crappie, catfish, striper, etc. Inexperienced anglers often believe that a single rod can do all the fishing they want to do. All they look is for feeling good while holding the rod. If they were to gain experience, they will know otherwise.

Many Different Ugly Stiks
Once an ugly stik fan, you would not want any other rod. So often you can see that such people end up having many fishing rods. There are rods that are useful for a particular kind of fish and in these too, there are many varieties. So the angler has an added advantage of having specialized fishing rods. for example for large water body and when water is high, they can use the Wicked Stik of the ugly stik series. This is called so because of its elongated and broader rod assist fishing shark and tuna.

Ugly stik is colorless and Wicked Stik is on the contrary available in many hues. For the many fishermen the ultimate choice would be to possess the best rod that is available in the market and if they stumble on ugly stik they would not want to think of no other fishing rod at all.

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