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Centurion Boats has made a name for themselves with their legendary wake surfing watercraft in recent years. Over the last two years, they've been the official towboat for several competitions, including the 2020 World Wakesurfing Championships and the 2021 IWWF World Wakesurfing Championships.With unparalleled wake capability and creature comforts fit for a king, Centurion is here to stay. It's no question that they'll keep building their performance lines to make them more robust and more efficient every year, considering their user's feedback as they always have.Opti-V Hull DesignWhen designing a wake boat, you must efficiently displace large amounts of water and create the waves worthy of the name. Centurion's Opti-V Hull design and 20 degrees of deadrise at the transom, the ride you experience from a Centurion is like no other.Smooth, balanced, and easily adapted mid-session, the Centurion line of boats holds the claim to the industry's largest ballast capacity, meaning you can expect over 2.5 tons of displacement to create stunning wakes.High-Efficiency Quiet Run Marine EngineHow do you make the world's best waves without touching the ocean? Build your wake surfing boat with nearly instantly filling and emptying water tanks to displace more or less water, creating the perfect training wakes for newbies or intense wake to practice your championship-winning stunts on.How do you win the hearts of wake surfing enthusiasts worldwide? Create the best wakes while maintaining fuel efficiency and a quiet, smooth ride. The deadrise level of this line pulls the highest efficiency out of the 490 HP marine engine from GM. Pulling the heaviest part of the boat out of the water and creating a smooth and even ride helps save fuel and keeps the noise low enough to enjoy conversations with friends.Boatline - Watercraft MatchmakersBoatline is here to put you in touch with a certified Centurion dealer today. Visit a lot and discuss just how you'd best utilize one or two of the 26 cup holders on deck. Further, Centurion doesn't stop their innovation with the boat; their trailers are built to last and provide a comfortable tow to the lake and home again.

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View 2001 Centurion concourse air warrior - Listing #313661
2001 Centurion concourse air warrior
Ventnor City, New Jersey
$19,500 USD
View 2013 Centurion Enzo FX-22 - Listing #375814
2013 Centurion Enzo FX-22
Littleton, North Carolina
$72,990 USD
View 2018 Centurion Fi23 - Listing #362077
2018 Centurion Fi23
Littleton, North Carolina
$123,997 USD
View 2012 Centurion Enzo SV211 - Listing #350092
2012 Centurion Enzo SV211
Littleton, North Carolina
$63,995 USD
View 2021 Centurion Ri265 - Listing #377123
2021 Centurion Ri265
Mooresville, North Carolina
$190,000 USD
View 2021 Centurion Ri265 - Listing #373479
2021 Centurion Ri265
Mooresville, North Carolina
$220,000 USD
View 2019 Centurion Ri257 - Listing #320019
2019 Centurion Ri257
Mooresville, North Carolina
$159,000 USD
View 2021 Centurion Ri265 - Listing #382123
2021 Centurion Ri265
La Follette, Tennessee
$219,900 USD
View 2012 Centurion 22' AVALANCHE C4 - Listing #382566
2012 Centurion 22' AVALANCHE C4
Kittery, Maine
$59,995 USD
View 2012 Centurion Enzo SV240plus - Listing #355570
2012 Centurion Enzo SV240plus
Whitefish, Montana
$83,400 USD
View 1991 Centurion 20 Falcon - Listing #327053
1991 Centurion 20 Falcon
Canyon Lake, Texas
$22,750 USD
View 2008 Centurion Falcon Air Warrior - Listing #378015
2008 Centurion Falcon Air Warrior
Acworth, Georgia
$42,995 USD
View 2021 Centurion Ri245 - Listing #382729
2021 Centurion Ri245
Lebanon, Tennessee
$173,900 USD
View 2016 CENTURION ENZO FS44 - Listing #345164
Lebanon, Tennessee
$93,900 USD
View 2022 Centurion Ri230 - Listing #342329
2022 Centurion Ri230
Athens, Alabama
$180,000 USD
View 2004 Centurion T5 - Listing #356585
2004 Centurion T5
Lake Placid, Florida
$26,500 USD
View 1995 Centurion SKI 19 - Listing #356709
1995 Centurion SKI 19
Lake Placid, Florida
$15,000 USD
View 2022 Centurion FI25 - Listing #387819
2022 Centurion FI25
Rochester, Minnesota
$219,587 USD
View 2021 CENTURION Fi 21 - Listing #387793
2021 CENTURION Fi 21
Red Wing, Minnesota
$114,900 USD
View 2008 Centurion ENZO SD220 - Listing #387712
2008 Centurion ENZO SD220
Red Wing, Minnesota
$34,900 USD
View 2022 Centurion Ri265 - Listing #387629
2022 Centurion Ri265
Red Wing, Minnesota
$294,212 USD
View 2022 Centurion Ri245 - Listing #387621
2022 Centurion Ri245
Red Wing, Minnesota
$229,487 USD
View 2016 Centurion Enzo FS33 - Listing #387741
2016 Centurion Enzo FS33
Red Wing, Minnesota
$84,999 USD
View 2022 Centurion RI230 - Listing #387616
2022 Centurion RI230
Red Wing, Minnesota
$197,311 USD