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Speed and performance are the lifeblood of this brand. The creator, Bill Combs, realized that the best way to create the perfect racing boat was to design his own. In 1963, his first Checkmate Speedboat hit the racing circuit, and the future of watercraft racing took a new turn. In recent years, the brand has been rekindled with new passion and fire for performance racing and innovative styling. Under new ownership and management, the brand continues to strive to be the top of the line in racing, speed and performance.Consistent Quality in Traditional DesignThe mainstay of the Checkmate line has been the single engine outboard lineup that started the brands infamy. Ranging in length from 16-24 ft depending on the model, design simplicity is recognized and appreciated throughout the line. The windshield and seating configurations are the same in every model because there is no need to reinvent the wheel. They found a design that performed as needed, and didn't detract from the performance or speed. These boats, since the beginning of the line, have been a production boat with customizable options. Efficient, fast, and reliable for generations. Perpetual InnovationWhile some aspects of the design are classic and the same from model to model, the hull design has been a masterpiece of innovation. During the time that Bill Combs was heading the company, the hull designs evolved taking the best features of the design before, and testing new theories in speed and handling.If it isn't broken, don't try to fix it. But if it can be improved, then seek the extra. Checkmate Boats never stopped chasing speed and handling. Though simple and clean in design, these boats also make fun family watercraft for a weekend tubing on the lake, or an early morning casting about for that monster fish that legend holds lurks in your favorite cove.Boatline Can Help You Find Your Dream Checkmate BoatThough Checkmate boats have undergone some company transitions and mergers, the soul of the brand is still intact. Boatline can help you find the best local dealership to secure your next Checkmate Boat. Whether you intend to enjoy a leisure activity, or break a local surface speed record, Checkmate will help you achieve the goal.

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