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Grand Banks is the epitome of luxury cruising, and has been known for the attention to detail it places on every aspect of their design. From the hydrodynamic shape of the hull to the quality materials used to build the cabin and deck, this company understands the needs and expectations of their customers and continues to push the envelope in pioneering new breakthroughs. WarpV Hull Design One thing sought after in the design of a yacht is the smoothness of the ride. A draw of this cruising style of ride is to provide space to socialize on the water with your friends and family in luxury and comfort. The WarpV Hull design provides this. The sharp bow angle of the hull cuts through wakes and waves, rather than riding over them, and near midship, the hull flares to create a very shallow angle. This design provides stability at speed or at rest, and creates less water resistance and more buoyancy for better efficiency and comfort. When you churn less water, you burn less fuel, and your ride is smoother. Lightweight Quality Construction Grand Banks uses a precise and innovative manufacturing process that creates rigid strength and light weight to increase safety and comfort in your cruise. The engineering teams that design and improve the Grand Banks Yacht lines have perfected a type of material lamination that creates a lightweight but ultra strong material to mold and form the features and hull of the ship. Further, this technique is used to create many of the other structures within the ship, continuing to maintain lightweight while offering highly customizable creature comforts for you and your guests. In spaces where wood construction is used, whether for aesthetics or function, a hard teak is used for its resistance to the elements. Every Grand Banks Yacht comes with canvas covers to protect any potentially exposed teak, should you need it. Onto Your Next Adventure with Boatline It is clear that Grand Banks creates a top of the line yacht option for you and your family to enjoy making memories and spending time on the water. Boatline can help you find the right certified dealership to assist you in becoming the proud new owner of a Grand Banks Luxury Yacht. Our network can help you find the best investment in your future recreation because we have the largest database of new and used Grand Banks Yachts on the web.

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